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A wedding supplier online directory of our Enchanted Island-Puerto Rico. On this directory you will find suppliers for your wedding, services, products and more for you celebration.  Our main objective is to present you a variety of highly qualified professionals with extensive alternatives and choices for the planning of your wedding; securing a memorable and unforgettable destination wedding in Puerto Rico.

WeddingWaysPR contains all possible wedding supplier categories and  everything you may want for your wedding day.  You will be surprised!  Learn about all the local venues, Haciendas, Gifts, Flavors, Plena, Batucada and more.

We invite you to visit our beautiful Enchanted Island- Puerto Rico, and make us your preferred wedding destination.  We encourage you to make an unforgettable experience of your wedding by enjoying the natural resources, tours, local hand crafters, our diverse and rich gastronomy and the assistance of the suitable personnel in the service that is requested for your celebration.

Hope you enjoy navigating and feel as if you are already here in Puerto Rico, celebrating love and life. 


WeddingWaysPR is the different experiences possible in Puerto Rico all in one place.  A life purpose revealed in a dream through a vision of our company name in the back of a van, bringing to reality this encompassing project.

WeddingWaysPR aims to establish Puerto Rico as a destination for weddings, increasing emotional experiences such as happiness, love and values ​​for those who make their wedding in Puerto Rico through the best suppliers advertised on our directory and social networks.


WeddingWaysPR focuses on the needs of our clients. We know the market by listening, observing and learning from a global point of view since for us the market today is very important. We do not stop in getting better. Our constant curiosity is our great ally. Working as a team, in a fast way, willing to constantly change in the industry that we work to improve and be at the forefront in an efficient way to satisfy our clients. At WeddingsWaysPR we take our actions seriously. We work hard to create value and meet high expectations for our clients. We empower our employees to find better ways through problem solving, to provide better and enhanced solutions in the future.

Carla Padilla Founder + Creative Director “Turning a Vision into Reality”

Connection maker, effective speaker and influencer in the tourism industry. Since 2008, I work closely with Puerto Rico Tourism and economic growth. These two along with my wedding influencer passion; brings together this electronic wedding directory. Carla holds a B.A. in Management from Interamericana University of Puerto Rico.


Establish Puerto Rico as the main wedding destination in the Caribbean. Get the best and diverse suppliers in Puerto Rico to offer the best services for your wedding in Puerto Rico.

It symbolizes a wedding directory designed for clients who want to make their wedding in a way in which they can interact with their suppliers and organize their wedding in the best way here in Puerto Rico.

Philosophy and Values

  • Leadership: The courage to shape a better future for our clients.
  • Integrity: Be real and honest.
  • Passion: Committed in heart and mind.
  • Diversity: As inclusive as our brands.
  • Quality: What we do, we do well.


  • Inspire moments of happiness
  • Establish Puerto Rico as a destination for weddings
  • Make a difference in the wedding industry


  • Offer a variety of portfolio of services that satisfy our clients
  • Establish a work network that is efficient
  • Being a dynamic organization