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Hello, my name is John-Joe Pereira Rodríguez but you can call me JJ. I’m a professional photographer with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a major in photography from Sagrado Corazon University with more than 10 years of experience as a photographer. I’m a passionate, dedicated and innovative photographer who exhibits a true love for the craft, art and science of the photography process. Inspires others with creative insight and enthusiasm with advances specialization in weddings, portraits, studio, sports and events. When I was little I saw photography as a way to freeze a moment in time that could live over and over. What I find most exciting about photography is being able to capture a moment that lasts less than a second and make it endure forever and ever. Initially I was more interested in photojournalism since, when I was younger; I practices sports and, because of an injury, had to stop practicing. Photography gave me a new way to be involved in sports. When I went to the games, I had a talent for photographs the decisive moments in a game or match, That is what distinguishes professional photographers from amateur. I photographed my first wedding in 2009, and learned that by combining my experience in photojournalism with the beauty of the wedding experience, I could produce amazing and very natural pictures, keeping my directions to pose to a minimum. “The secret of stunning pictures is to be at the perfect instant, with the adequate light, to capture that fleeting moment”. - JJ

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