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A wedding supplier online directory of our Enchanted Island-Puerto Rico. On this directory you will find suppliers for your wedding, services, products and more for you celebration.


Why WeddingWaysPR?

WeddingWaysPR is the ultimate destination for all your wedding needs, we have you covered with an extensive list that includes everything from professional photographers to wedding invitations, coordinators, vendors and much more.
What makes us different?
Our directory offers quality professionals who will make sure every detail goes off without a hitch and you will find everything you need to plan the event of your dreams.
We offer an easy way to compare pricing and availability, plus answer all those questions that come up before making any decisions about vendors or venues.
We invite you and your guests to experience the beauty of Puerto Rico during a wedding; the island has an abundance of natural resources, local artisans who are perfect for capturing that special moment with their creativity; it also offers many tours for everyone to enjoy while they are here! Our varied gastronomy will leave guests with their mouths open.
It’s time for weddings to be even more memorable than before when they are celebrated by staying in one place: Isla Encantada…. the “island dream” come true!
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You are about to embark on one of the most important days of your life, so it’s time to do some serious planning. Our WeddingWaysPR team has you covered with ideas and inspiration-filled wedding photos that will help guide you through everything from florists to stylists. We’ll help you decide on a venue and make sure every detail is magical and looks amazing.


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